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The Hydrocarbon Fuel Emulsification Specialists

Our unique methodology and process is capable of emulsifying all types of hydrocarbon fuels, where the resultant fuel emulsions will remain stable for many years.

Our trademarked and patent-pending family of products, SulNOxEco™, has deployed 2 initial products through a licensing agreement with Nouryon BV. These products, Berol® 6446 (HFO emulsifier) and SulNOxEco™ (Diesel Conditioner), emulsify hydrocarbon fuels to ensure more efficient combustion, reducing harmful particulate matter, NOx gases, soot, carbon and other air pollutants. Our unique products reduce maintenance costs on engines, extend the life of all engine oils and lower the viscosity of heavy fuel oil (HFO).

SulNOx was formed late 2012, but was incorporated in March 2013 through the issue of shares to the founders and a concurrent acquisition-option over the SulNOx chemical technology to continue its development into a range of usable, high-margin retail sales products.

Collaborating with Nouryon, our products are distributed to customers internationally.

Our Mission & Strategy

Leading Where Others Can Only Follow

Our mission is simple: to further research, develop and distribute our unique, multi-fuel additive fuel conditioners, emulsifiers and stabilizers on a worldwide scale, to:

  • Substantially reduce exhaust emissions from burners, boilers and all types, sizes and uses of static and mobile diesel and HFO combustion engines.
  • Use our conditioner (SulNOxEco™) to effectively service all forms of retail, commercial and private diesel and HFO fuel use.

Our business strategy is underpinned by an urgent need to reduce air pollution and the resulting greenhouse gases. We believe we have most of the cure to this major environmental issue and from the outset will address the following global industries:

  • Power generation
  • Heating
  • Road transport (commercial and private)
  • Shipping & Rail

Our products present a real opportunity for businesses to invest in environmentally-friendly initiatives, while avoiding the often significant and non-recoverable costs associated with offsetting their carbon footprint.

The Team

60+ years experience in the emulsion fuels industry

The SulNOx team offers a tremendous breadth of knowledge, experience and passion in the fuel emulsification industry.

The SulNOx Board of Directors

Nicholas Nelson

Chief Executive

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Graham Lyon

Non-Executive Chairman

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Simon Retter

Finance Director

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The SulNOx Board of Non-Executive Directors

Majken Korsgård Petersen

Non-Executive Director

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