African Oil and Gas Services group, Rigworld takes a leading role in driving the green revolution in Africa.

Accra, Ghana: On 9th December 2020

Rigworld Group has announced a partnership with the SulNOx Group to develop and market the SulNOx Fuel Conditioner across Africa. The SulNOx Fuel Conditioner is one of the world’s leading proprietary fuel conditioner technologies. Rigworld and SulNOx will be working closely together to service the growing frontier markets in Africa.

The SulNOx Emulsifier is a proven product, which achieves three things – reduction in toxic emissions, fuel savings, and reduction in maintenance costs. By reducing viscosity of crude oil, this SulNOx emulsifier will enable oil to flow through pipelines at lower temperatures thereby saving the industry millions in operating costs.

Commenting on the deal Rigworld CEO, Kofi Abban said, “This venture will be a major step in reducing toxic emissions and help improve the health of our planet. Rigworld would like to take this opportunity to enhance its environmental credentials and help Africans become part of the green revolution”.

Africa’s frontier markets are growing and developing rapidly. With this growth comes major infrastructure development which is driving an increase in the use of heavy equipment and machinery, all of which depend on diesel fuel.

The mining industry, which is growing rapidly across Africa, particularly in Ghana the leading gold producer on the continent, utilises a large number of diesel-powered heavy equipment, including excavators, drilling machines, trucks and generators.

Trials in the United Kingdom have demonstrated significant cost savings which would be of great interest to all the participants in this industry.

Other target markets include trains which run on diesel and shipping vessels which run on marine diesel as well as heavy fuel oil.

About Rigworld Group

Rigworld Group is a diversified oil and gas services group with business interests across the African continent. A wholly Ghanaian owned business, Rigworld pride themselves on the wealth of experience in their chosen markets. The company is committed to the highest ethical standards and being a cherished employer wherever they operate. Rigworld Group which consists of 8 companies has grown significantly by providing an unparalleled service in the oil and gas industry.

About SulNOx Group

Sulnox Group is a market leader in the manufacture of conditioners, emulsifiers and emulsion stabilizers for hydrocarbon fuels. The company’s trademarked and patent pending family of products, SulNOxEco™, has deployed two initial products through a licensing agreement with a world-leading chemicals company. These products emulsify hydrocarbon fuels to ensure more efficient combustion, whilst reducing harmful particulate matter, NOx gases, soot, carbon and other air pollutants. Their unique products reduce maintenance costs on engines, can extend the life of engine oils and lower the viscosity of heavy fuel oil (HFO).


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