The Annual General Meeting for the year ending 31 March 2021 will be held at 11.30 am on 7 September 2021 at the Groucho Club, 45 Dean Street, Soho, London W1D 4QB (the “AGM”). The notice of the AGM will be posted to shareholders today and a copy will be added to the Company’s website,

Any shareholders who wish to attend should RSVP to by 5pm on 27 August 2021 as the venue requires details of attendees.

In keeping with the Company’s green ethos, and in accordance with the provisions of the Company’s articles of association, this year we are sending only the required “NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING” by post, whilst with the annual report and audited financial statements will posted on the SulNOx website (

Product Update
As has been seen in recent days the world is heating up at an alarming rate. The introduction of the new E10 petrol is upon us in an effort to reduce fossil fuel usage, but very few people realise the unintended consequences that it will bring, and for many petrol engines this could be very serious particularly in older and classic cars.

Increasing numbers of service stations are selling E10 blend petrol, which contains 10% ethanol alongside 90% conventional petrol as a “greener” alternative to conventional petrol. The Company has identified that if the SulnoxEco™ petrol conditioner is added to E10 fuel it will not only save users money and improve air quality, as before, but will address all the issues of E10 as well.

Jimmy Redman, the Group’s technology inventor, has produced a short note, extracted below, which is important for all petrol users to understand:

“E10 contains Ethanol which has less energy than petrol and will result in around a 2% drop in performance.

We believe that SulnoxEco™ will compensate for this loss in performance.

The main problem with E-10, however, is that the added ethanol encourages separate layers of water and fuel to form in the tank – All fuel contains water – up to 200ppm, but also, consider the extra water that fuel tanks gain over time purely from condensation. This typically gathers and sits in a separate layer at the bottom of the fuel tank where the fuel line draws from. Chemically speaking, Ethanol prefers to mix with water as opposed to petrol and where there is sufficient of both, the ethanol will leave the petrol and combine with the water to form an even larger separate layer at the bottom of the tank. The fuel line then draws from this watery alcohol mixture, and it is pumped directly into the engine causing disastrous damage and breakdowns. This is often the cause of cars going into “limp home mode” over the winter. E10 is going to exacerbate this issue because more ethanol encourages more separation.

The SulnoxEco™ petrol conditioner is the solution to this problem. The powerful emulsifying properties in the SulnoxEco™ lifts the water and redistributes it throughout the fuel in the tank preventing separation and protecting against breakdowns and engine damage. Additionally, the lubricants recondition and clean for healthier engine working properly and more efficiently.

SulnoxEco™ will prevent E10 causing separation and of course helps performance, saves money and significantly reduces toxic emissions.”

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