SulNOx recently announced it would be carrying out an on-board study of its products on a specially selected Unicorn-Grindrod ship, and we are delighted to confirm that our technical team were able to board this ship earlier than expected.

The Unicorn-Grindrod, named ‘Breede’, is a fuel/oil tanker, IMO 9382487 – Gross tonnage: 11,271 – Deadweight: 16922t – Length: 144m – Width: 23m. The ‘Breede’ docked at Port Elizabeth in Durban, South Africa, just long enough for our technical team to board the ship in order to measure and prepare a final report from SulNOx.

Once this report has been received, reviewed and passed by Unicorn-Grindrod, then sea-trials using both the Berol® 6446 HFO Fuel Emulsifier and the Berol® 6430 Fuel Conditioner may be given an ‘official’ action date.