SulNOx has successfully negotiated its Berol® 6430 Diesel Fuel Conditioner to be tested by Glencore Plc and are now awaiting final confirmation as to which of their four mines, and number of earth mover dump trucks, have been chosen to start trials.

Negotiations have taken several months, with the need to consider the continuous, uninterrupted and ongoing supply of Berol® 6430 Diesel Fuel Conditioner and the inherent logistical challenges this presents.

A spokesman for SulNOx commented:

“This is a great step forward in demonstrating to clients that we have the ability to supply some of the remotest locations in the world and shows our willingness to work alongside our clients and partners to overcome any challenges we might face. SulNOx can help all potential clients, such as Glencore, who are actively looking to make a positive impact on their own environment(s) and in turn contribute significantly to the future well-being of the planet.”

The series of tests that SulNOx has undertaken; including the Millbrook Proving Ground test (activated on 8th July 2019), the Unicorn-Grindrod shipping test and now Glencore Plc, clearly puts SulNOx’s Berol® 6430 Diesel Fuel Conditioner and Berol® 6446 HFO Emulsifier at the leading edge of fuel change in today’s current market, at little or no extra cost and even more convenience.