The board of directors of the Company (“the Board”) is pleased to announce that National Strategies (“NSI”) has agreed to support the Company’s entrance into the North American (United States, Canada and Mexico) market to sell its products in line with our global product strategy.

Activities will include the pursuit of approval of the product and funding to support sales of the product from the State of California, including introductions to the leading state agencies which provide funding to programs and solutions that reduce carbon emissions. Secondly, the identification and pursuit of distributors for North America.

The NSI team helps organizations create opportunities and solve problems within the state and local government market. NSI Government Markets, focuses on sales, organizational development, business development, research, partnership development, and procurement related activities and has generated over $27 billion in new revenue for clients since the firm’s inception in 1996. NSI Public Affairs, assists organizations with their outreach to state and local government officials, key state and local government influencers, public interest groups, and other potential allies helps to raise awareness, build coalitions of supporters, and advance specific initiatives. NSI has a network of over 2,500 consultants across the United States, covering each of the 50 states, as well as any city or county across the country with a population over 50,000.

Al Gordon, CEO of NSI commented, “California is recognised as the leader of the 50 states in improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are confident that the immediate impacts from the SulNOx products will greatly appeal to the state as California invests to meet its climate change targets. With the escalation of climate related disasters, it is absolutely the right time to advance the unique, cost-effective and impactful environmental solutions of SulNOx. Once California recognises the benefits, we look forward to pursuing the 17 other states which have signed on to the California Clean Air Act to lead to further growth for the Company.”

Ben Richardson, the CEO of SulNOx commented, “The NAFTA countries are a key market for SulNOx given their ongoing fossil fuel consumption and desire to reduce dependency. The team at NSI will help raise the company’s profile among the relevant government decision makers through qualifying opportunities for growth, facilitating introductions and providing ongoing business development support. Along with finding distribution partners, NSI will help build a pipeline of pre-qualified sales targets within the state and local government markets. I have no doubt that NSI will be a lucrative and effective partner in promoting SulNOx in the months and years ahead.”

Radu Florescu, the Chairman of SulNOx added, “As an American, to penetrate the California market, the fifth-biggest economy in the world and larger than the U.K., is an incredibly important breakthrough for SulNOx. I have previously worked with some of the NSI partners, including Patuxent Consulting Group. Kevin Matthews, who manages NSI’s energy and environment practice, has significant experience within the energy and sustainability market and in the State of California, and I am therefore confident of success”.

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