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The board of directors of SulNOx (the “Board“) is excited to announce a significant collaboration agreement with Rominserv, part of the Rompetrol Group. The memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) is our first large scale agreement with a major petroleum company.

Rompetrol is a crude oil development company, producer, and refiner based in Romania. It also markets and distributes refined petroleum products through its chain of over 1,100 gasoline and diesel fuel stations in Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, France and Spain, including those under the Dyneff brand. Rompetrol has operations in 12 countries with c. $4.6 billion in revenues in 2021.

Under the MOU, SulNOx will initially review and provide advice for the use of SulNOx products within the Rominserv refinery processes involving, but not limited to:

  • The use of Heavy Fuel Oil (“HFO”) in burners;
  • Tank cleaning and waste oil processes at its refineries;
  • Development of new and enhanced “green” Marine Gas Oil (“MGO”) product offerings; and
  • Green Fuel additives.

Ben Richardson the CEO of the SulNOx Group commented, “As the first significant petrochemicals company to work with SulNOx, we are genuinely thrilled by this collaboration agreement with Rominserv. I applaud the Rompetrol management team for looking to SulNOx green technologies to develop solutions to benefit a consumer base which is increasingly demanding greener fuels.”

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