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The board of the directors of the Company (the “Board“) is extremely pleased to announce that our partner based in Ghana, Nationwide Technologies Ltd (“NTL”) has purchased a further 3 x IBC (Intermediate bulk containers) of SulNOxEco™️ Fuel Conditioner, capable of treating c.6 million litres of diesel, as momentum builds in Africa.

Since NTL’s last order of 2 x IBC of SulNOxEco™️ Fuel Conditioner in Spring 2022, they have experienced strong demand and sales across multiple sectors and end users with a second and larger bulk order now placed.

NTL restructured recently to form a dedicated team to promote SulNOxEco™️ Fuel Conditioner and to meet demand and grow sales beyond Ghana with new agreements being discussed across Africa including Nigeria, Cote d‘Ivoire, Zambia, Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville.

SulNOxEco™️ Fuel Conditioner is going viral amongst everyday drivers in Ghana and numerous industry players are now coming on board. There are a significant and growing number of testimonials showing immediate impacts and even more significant improvements on fuel consumption, emissions, pollution and engine performance than the already significant savings seen in Europe.

Dr Andrew Boye of NTL, a chemical engineer and specialist in fluid dynamics stated “Harsh motoring conditions and poor fuel quality remain the bane of the ordinary vehicle owner. The most compelling feature of SulNOx products is the efficient way they improve the combustion of the fuel and deal with water issues. Extensive trials of the product over the last 6 months have consistently demonstrated nothing short of “miraculous” fuel savings and immediate engine reliability improvements. Everyone who uses the product wants to buy more or even become a distributor to others.”

Mr. Tizard Ansah of the Association of Oil Marketing Companies in Ghana, an industry advocacy group directing downstream policy, legislation and regulation, evaluated the product to verify the benefits before recommending its use amongst industry leaders particularly oil marketing companies. Mr Ansah stated, “SulNOxEco™️ Fuel Conditioner reduced my fuel consumption and emissions and gave me noticeable improvements in the responsiveness and performance of my old engine bringing it back to life. I am therefore happy to recommend the SulNOx advanced fuel conditioner to anyone using a combustion-based engine, knowing it will not only reduce their vehicle running costs, including engine wear of key parts but also do their bit for the environment.”

Nawaz Haq of SulNOx Fuel Fusions states, “Ben Richardson, CEO of SulNOx, and I met the NTL team, officials and various industry leaders in Ghana in Summer 2022 and were excited by the scope and interest at the time in the marketplace. Since then, there has been significant progress and take up and this repeat order demonstrates that our sales cycle is now getting shorter. The news of our products’ benefits is spreading fast across Africa and escalating sales further.

Fuel quality across Africa is generally poor and inconsistent and there is a comparatively high proportion of older vehicles on the road. SulNOxEco™️ Fuel Conditioner helps to stabilise fuels and improve fuel quality, not only resulting in significantly lower fuel consumption and greenhouse gases, but also Particulate Matter too which is a huge concern for human health in Africa, currently responsible for over 1 million deaths per annum. Pollution from transportation is a significant contributor particularly as a large proportion of vehicles do not benefit from modern exhaust systems capable of capturing such pollutants.

Africa is heavily reliant on imported refined petroleum products and realistically has limited scope to transition away from combustion engines. SulNOx provides an immediate and scalable solution with economic, environmental and health benefits which has now caught the attention of official bodies. We are hugely pleased with progress by NTL to date and look forward to helping to deliver further growth with them in the near future.”

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