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The world continues to fight against the environmental impact of the industrial revolution. From world-leaders to end-consumers, the debate continues to strengthen with all parties looking to reduce emissions and global warming. SulNOx has products that are part of the cure; you can be a part of that.

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Last updated: September 13th, 2021

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Investor documents

Director Shareholding 13 September 2021

AGM Result 7 September 2021

AGM statement 7 September 2021

Appointment of non-executive Director 6 September 2021

Large Scale Trial of SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner 1 September 2021

Final Results and Annual report 18 August 2021

Notice of AGM on 7 September 2021

Appointment of Chief Financial Officer 9 August 2021

New Investor Unicorn AIM VCT 20 July 2021

Results of placing 13 July 2021

Proposed placing to raise up to £2.59 million 13 July 2021

Further Certification for SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner 30 June 2021

Shipping Trial 14 June 2021

Board Changes 28 May 2021

New Distribution Agreement - RemNOx 6th May 2021

New Distribution Agreement - Rigworld 27th April 2021

Apex Designation 19th April 2021

New Commercial Partnership 15th April 2021

Appointment of New Distributor 24th March 2021

Further Certification for SulNOxEcoTM Fuel Conditioner 25th Feb 2021

Director Update 23rd Feb 2021

Certification for SulnoxEco™ Fuel Conditioner 20 Jan 2021

Financial Results for the Six Months to 30 September 2020

Option Agreements 18 Dec 2020

SulNOx Group PLC Collaboration Agreement 09 Dec 2020

Appointment of Director & Lifting of Suspension 07 Dec 2020

Result of General Meeting 04 Dec 2020

Announcement of General Meeting 6th November 2020

Notice of General Meeting Circular 6th November 2020

Director Change and Suspension 3 November 2020

Board Changes and Suspension of Trading of Shares 23 October 2020

AGM Statement & Results 23 October 2020

Requisition of GM 16 October 2020

Letter to shareholders 8th October 2020

AGM Notice 1st October 2020

SulNOx Final Results to 31 March 2020

Notice of AGM on 23 October 2020

Annual Report and Accounts 29 September 2020

Directorate Change 21 September 2020

Nouryon Agreements 21 Sept 2020

Requisition of General Meeting 7th September 2020

Receipt of Requisition of General Meeting and Issue of Equity 1st September 2020

Appointment of Allenby Capital 28 August 2020

S Bamford resignation 28 May 2020

Share admission to trading 19 May 2020

Completion of fund raise 13 May 2020

Further Re Planned fund raise 1st May 2020

Planned Fund Raise 30 April 2020

SciMed HFO Emulsification 20 April 2020

Trading Update 15 April 2020

International Patent Application 9 Mar 2020

SAIMENA 29 Jan 2020

First Day of Dealings 17 Dec 2019

Interim Report Dec 2019

Business Description.

The development and marketing of fuel emulsifiers and conditioners. More information can be found at About SulNOx.

Professional Advisers to the company

Allenby Capital, 5 St Helen’s Place, London EC3A 6AB

More information can be found at www.allenbycapital.com

Directors holdings

Descriptions can be found at About SulNOx.

Director Holding ordinary 2.0p shares Percentage of share holding of entire issued share capital
Anthony Alan Granger 120,334 0.14%
Radu Francis Florescu 200,000 0.23%
Ben Richardson 1,000,000 1.17%
Nigel John Armitt Nil Nil
Kiesha Mae Robinson Nil Nil

Share Capital

As at 1st September 2020 the company had the following in issue:

85,382,843 ordinary 2.0p shares 1,600,000 unapproved options with an exercise price of 2.0p

Warrants to subscribe for 750,000 ordinary shares at 50p per share.

Warrants to subscribe to 575,000 ordinary shares at 40p per share.

The percentage of shares in public hands is 29.3%

Major Shareholders Greater than 3%

As shown on the share register at 1st September 2020 excluding directors

Shareholder Percentage of entire issued share capital
Nistad Gruppen AS 14.7%
Jim Nominees 11.6%
S Bamford 10.68%
Sungold Escrow Nominees Ltd 4.8%
J Redman Jnr 8.8%
R Leggatt 8.5%
G Bostock 6.0%
WB Nominees 5.7%
B Shortt 3.4%
Total 62.58%

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