The board of the directors of the Company (the “Board”) is pleased to confirm that the UK unit of Bureau Veritas, a world-leading provider of testing, inspection, and certification services, has certified that automotive diesel fuel with the Company’s SulnoxEco™ Fuel Conditioner added at the recommended level, continues to comply with the European Committee for Standardization’s EN-590 standard. As a result, users of SulnoxEco™ Fuel Conditioner will not only benefit from significantly improved engine and fuel performance but will retain any engine warranties that they may hold. In effect, this now means that all Diesel engines across the globe can benefit from this product and its world class certification.

The SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner is produced under licence by a global leading speciality chemicals business (as set out in the Company’s AQSE Admission Document), so the Board is confident that production can be scaled-up as demand requires.

Radu Florescu (CEO) commented:

“The SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner improves combustion and hence the fuel economy achieved, cleans the engine from the inside, thus reducing the need to replace expensive diesel filters, and most importantly dramatically reduces toxic emissions such as PM 2.5, Co2, NOx and others. The recent verdict at Southwark Coroner’s Court in London which found that air pollution “made a material contribution” to the tragic death of a child demonstrates the vital importance of reducing toxic emissions from vehicles.

With the financial savings from improved fuel economy typically greater than the cost of the product, its benefits come at an effective no-cost basis for the user. Politicians, environmental campaigners, the media, and most importantly, the general public, have long awaited positive news in the environmental debate. This Bureau Veritas certification is just that, and a landmark moment for the shareholders of the SulNOx Group.”

Jimmy Redman Jnr (the inventor of the SulNOx Group’s proprietary technology) & Tom Crawford (Chief Engineer of the SulNOx Group) added:

“The SulNOx team are delighted that tests already carried out by its own “In House” Research and Development Department have now been ratified by no less an authority than Bureau Veritas. These tests confirm that our product, the SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner, when added at our recommended concentration of 1-part SulNOxEco per 2,000 parts diesel, does not compromise any of the standards established by EN-590. An important factor is that this Bureau Veritas Certificate of Quality No. 53229-2 indicates an improvement in “Lubricity” from a wear scar figure of 325 to 223, an improvement of 31.39%. This confirms the lubricity tests carried out in our own laboratory in East Sussex, UK in January 2021, a tangible demonstration of the reduced engine wear from its use.”


Tony Granger,
Non-Executive Chairman,

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The directors take responsibility for this announcement.

About SulNOx Group Plc

SulNOx,, has developed a hydrocarbon fuels conditioning and emulsifying process which enables more efficient fuel combustion, potentially leading to reduced fuel consumption and significantly lowered emissions.