The board of directors of the Company (the “Board”) is pleased to announce the following changes effective immediately.

  • The appointment of Ben Richardson as Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”)
  • Change of role for Non-Executive Chairman, Tony Granger to become a full time executive as Chief Administration Officer (“CAO”)
  • The appointment of Radu Forescu as Non-Executive Chairman
  • The departure of Nigel Armit as part-time Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”).

Keisha Robinson remains as a Non-Executive Director.

The Board would like to thank Nigel for his help in the transition from the previous Board and wish him well in his future endeavours.

Mr Richardson’s current duties as Chief Operating Officer will be split between him and Mr Granger in future. Mr Richardson will also oversee the finance function, whose day-to-day activities will be outsourced to Azets accountants ahead of the Company transitioning to a full-time CFO.

Mr Richardson commented, “I am delighted to be expanding my remit further. Since joining in December, the Board have taken huge strides forward by gaining world recognised certification for our SulNOxEco conditioner, expanding our sales and distribution network and moved to the Apex segment of the Aquis Stock Exchange. We have very big plans and I look forward to sharing more information in due course.

With regard to the Board changes, firstly, I would like to thank Nigel for all his help with the transition and wish him well in his future endeavours. SulNOx will be hiring a full-time executive CFO in line with our expansion plans and in the meantime, I will oversee the finance department with the assistance of our accountants, Azets.

Secondly, I am very pleased that Tony Granger has accepted the executive position of CAO responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and in charge of HR reporting directly to me. Tony has worked tirelessly as a Non-Exec and I look forward to having his help and guidance on a full-time basis going forwards.

Lastly, I would also like to thank Radu Forescu for his efforts over the past months and I am thrilled that he is excited to stay on in a Non-Executive capacity as Chairman.”

Radu Florescu, Chairman, Commented, “It is clear that Ben has brought tremendous energy to SulNOx both around business growth but also with his passion for the environment. I am delighted he is now taking over the day-to-day responsibilities and I am confident he will be very successful in achieving the full potential of SulNOx. I look forward to continuing our working relationship.”


Tony Granger,
Chief Administration Officer,

Aquis Stock Exchange Corporate Adviser:

Allenby Capital Limited,
Nick Harriss,
+44 (0) 20 3328 5658

The directors take responsibility for this announcement.

About SulNOx Group Plc

SulNOx,, has developed a hydrocarbon fuels conditioning and emulsifying process which enables more efficient fuel combustion, potentially leading to reduced fuel consumption and significantly lowered emissions.