The government has issued new guidelines (14 January 2019) under its Clean Air Strategy, in a bid to reduce particulate matter across the UK by 2030.

  • The report comes just days after the family of a nine year old girl – who sadly died from Asthma – presented new evidence to the government’s chief lawyer, stating that her death could have been linked to unlawful levels of air pollution
  • NHS England states 30% of preventable deaths are linked – in some part – to air pollution
  • Microscopic ‘Particulate Matter’ is stated as being of particular concern, as these particles of exhaust soot get into the blood stream and lodge in the internal organs
  • The government has stated that fine particulate concentrations will be reduced below the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) safe level “across much of the country” by 2030

Vehicle exhaust emissions remain a serious health hazard to the world’s population, with diesel engines a major culprit. Air pollution is currently the fourth biggest threat to our health after cancer, obesity and heart disease.

Will the government’s Clean Air Strategy work?

While the government has committed to publish evidence early in 2019 as to how it intends to reach its ambitious target, critics have questioned the lack of detail or indeed new initiatives to get this job done. WHO states there are 40 cities and towns in the UK that are exceeding its recommended limits regarding air quality levels.

Advancing technologies to offer the solution

If you are familiar with SulNOx, you will understand our mission to continue to research, develop and distribute our unique fuel emulsifier, conditioner and stabiliser products in order to substantially reduce exhaust emissions on a global scale.  Our green credentials are at the heart of our business ethos.

The technology exists – and is immediately available – for those businesses serious about cutting air pollution and improving fuel efficiency.

  • Our diesel engine tests have resulted in a 50% reduction in NOx and a 90% reduction in Particulate Matter
  • Fuel distributors can add SulNOx’s fuel emulsifier to large batches of stored diesel
  • SulNOx’s fuel conditioner can be added in tiny amounts, directly to a vehicle’s fuel tank with remarkable results in reducing exhaust smoke

We are looking for early adopters – bulk diesel consumers, notably in the commercial transport sector – to get in touch to discuss how we can help you to achieve improved fuel economy while reducing harmful exhaust emissions. Contact our team today.